MySpace Child Predator Exposed

I started to write a little blog entry to go with this video, but it’s pretty self explanatory. MySpace; just like the rest of the internet, is infested with child predators who are constantly trolling for innocence. Here’s one that has been sending videos and pictures of himself to what he believes are 14-year-old girls.

If YouTube is down, this video is also on Google Video.

How’s that for a first blog post? lolz

Update: Since posting this video nearly 24 hours ago it has climbed into YouTube’s Top 100 for the day. It was at 99 for a bit, but moved up to 85 just a few minutes ago. Links to this post have been sent to Chip’s workplace, some news outlets (local to him and national), etc…

Could someone stick a fork in this guy? I think he’s done.

Update 2: 12pm here and I didn’t sleep last night. :-/
Just got my first call from a reporter though. Rick from the Star-Ledger in Jersey is doing a piece on this.

And, Steve Huff over at True Crime Magazine posted this blog entry after interviewing someone who worked with Chip in the past. It’s an interesting read to say the least.

Update 3: Just made the front page over at Sorry about the downtime I had for a few minutes. Note to self: Install cache plug-in on new WordPress blog before landing on Digg’s homepage.

Update 4: Over the weekend, John Powers of Action Report tracked down Chip and showed up at his house with a video camera in hand trying to get a statement from him. A blog entry about that can be found here.

Update 5: Looks like our buddy Chip lost his job over at Air America. John Powers has had that scoop and the transcript of a phone conversation with Chip in his case notes (no longer online).

139 thoughts on “MySpace Child Predator Exposed”

  1. None of this fuckin get him arrested shite, the goverment should implament new laws 2 have people like this 2 have their fuckin Genitalia cut off and then let then try and wank off 2 little girls!!!!!

  2. well done their should be more people like you lot out their.
    you have stoped this weirdo from doing this to any other young girls that would of been contacted by this shameful dude.
    im a dad of two and hope theirs more people like you around when my kids get older and log on.

  3. I seriously hope his life is ruined because of this. Hopefully this guy spends some jail time for his actions because you know they’ll give him what he deserves. LoLo you’re a God! Commends to you and the 2 other folks that helped. To all the people that are sympathizing with him, you seriously need to get your head checked. LoLo probably saved some girls life, think about it.

    Always keep an eye on your own children but you don’t have to be a spy. Stay active in their lives so when something happens you’ll always be the first to know.

  4. It is hard for me to think that guys are out there that do that. I have seen the perverts on Primetime live and can’t believe it. I think parents have a right and duty to protect their kids.

  5. Good job. I have a question though: what’s the point mentioning his penis size. Why would you use such a lame fact which is totally beside the point to try to humiliate him? Real man have huge penis in your mind? What about men who do have a small penis and watch this video? How are they supposed to feel? Having a small penis is an aggravating factor, often reflecting a deviant personality or what? Please explain…

  6. Lighten up Rascal! What the F is your problem? The guy is a friggin dirt ball, who cares how big, or small his unit is….he is a dirt bag…That’s the problem with you libs….make an excuse for everything………..

  7. Re: Rascal
    I did that for the pure joy of screwing with him. I have nothing against guys with small dicks. lol

    Re: Idiots who left an assload of negative comments here
    You guys are truly retarded.

  8. Yes, it is (in most states) illegal for an adult to solicit and engage in sex with minors. On the other hand, there’s nothing AT ALL illegal about talking dirty with others of adult age, even if they pose as minors.

    In the U.S. one is innocent until proven guilty. That’s a Constitutional law. Unless this guy has been legally charged with a crime under Due Process, then posting this video in public amounts to slander, and is itself illegal.

  9. I can’t understand why parents are so shocked, keep your kids off the internet. If you let your kids on the net alone you are basically handing them porn and pedophiles. Keep your freakin kids off it.

  10. My god what a perv….. I hope this guy gets locked up before he takes his fantasy to far. It’s sick guys like this that make the internet a very scary and “creepy” place. Anyway you guys need to keep doing this until someone finally pays attention and starts doing somthing about sick people like this clown.


  11. Thank god we have people out there willing to watch out for our children. Thank you to the men and women who are protecting our kids from internet abusers like this perv.

  12. put em in jail..let the inmates take care of these creeps. we need to keep educated on this sick stuff. God, I hate these guys.

  13. yeah put em in jail.. heres ashley.. some 14 year old skank who has pictures of herself in a bra talking to a 42 year old man.. listen to all of you holier than though liars. Ok this guy definately has problems. but what i want to know is this.. was he contacting them first? or did sickos like the girls go after him first? i agree that this type of stuff is messed up… but something should be done so your 12 year old girl isnt posting pictures with her ass hanging out of her jeans. Given the right opportunity everyone is weak at moments of their life. Granted this guy is sick.. but i dont think he deserves anything worse than a murderer. listen to you people talk.. there are home invasion artists that break into your house.. club you to death.. and only get a few years in jail. this guy chip is going to go to jail.. be scrutized for life.. be put on numerous web sites.. all for talking to some underage girls. I think he should be punished.. but executed. I think not. I think you are all selfish.. and all you care about is you own damn kids and my kids this and my kids that.. how about helping other problems in the world.. real problems. go into any other country.. or hawaii for that matter. in hawaii you can have sex with a 14 year old girl and up and its totally legal. There are two issues here. 1 is that chip is a sicko.. the other is that all these young girls almost bring this kind of action on by only going for older guys.I mean if you found a briefcase full of 1 million dollars on the street.. you would turn it in right? sure all of you holy rollers on this site would.. yeah right. i bet half of you could be put in chips situation and think the same thing. so yes.. punish chip.. but please spare me the execute him crap.. and spare me the child molesters are worse than killers crap. and also spare me the fact that out of all child assaults less than 2 percent kill their victim. now john walsh is mad and he wants this and that. but look at the Remember Me section of his website. its all white kids from good areas of the country.. how come theres no black kids or mexican kids on there? I’ll tell you why.. because this issue is only being pushed by soccer moms.. soccer moms with nothing better to do.. too lazy to work. rely on their husbands money.. if you want something to do.. harrass actual pedophiles. not people hitting on your 16 year old skank daughter who poses in her underwear on myspace and wonders why older men hit on her!

  14. Tatted MOFO: you are right.. the BTK killer does deserve to die.. because in fact he killed a whole family. Chip just jerked off to a fantasy.. a fantasy that isnt yet proven as a reality and a fact that he wanted to have sex with these girls. So yes i agree that killers should be put to death. But jerking off over a fantasy is not a crime. chip never touched these girls. he only thought about them. Now if he would of acted on this thats a different story. I think this internet vigilantism is bullshit. Again white soccer moms in upper class areas dont really have much to do anymore. i mean how long can you watch oprah all day. I think killers deserve to be killed. I think predators need punished.. but what about sonny bono marrying cher when she was 16 years old? or sergei federov sleeping with kornikouva when she was 15 years old.. but oh those are celebrities in certain situations and they are nice people. so thats justifiable right? this shit has gone on for the dawn of man and will continue to go on. Now instead of all this angry.. lets castrate these people,.. why not offer your services at a local hospital.. or a mental hospital.. or an 800 line.. its because there are no services out there for child molesters. no drug companies want to get involved. no study groups want to get involved. nobody wants to actually help these people for fear that they will be associated with the dirty word MOLESTER.. omg. molester. its funny how you can be 22 years old and sleep with a 16 year old.. and depening if your white or not.. or if you have enough money or not.. u will be put on megans law or not.. now theres no sub tab on megans law that says oh this guy just slept with a girl 5 years younger than him.. no. they are all ranked on that site as evil. and i think its bullsh8t. i think we need to state that anyone who sleeps or tries to sleep with a girl 14 years old or younger deserves to be punished. any girl 15 or older can make her own decisions. and for the majority of these cases its all girls that are already a little nutty.. girls that come from broken families that whose parents can give a rats ass about them. girls that are already popping out kids and have cell phones, full time jobs, and wear bra and panties on myspace. I am not saying that megans law doesnt help because it does notify us of the crazy ones.. but should we feel better about it? 2 people get the same charges.. one is white with money and gets his dropped down to misdemeanors and isnt put on megans list.. the other is hispanic with no money.. gets put on megans list and does 2 years in jail. now are you saying that you want to hang the mexican kid and since the white kid isnt on the list then he is ok? its bullshit. lets deal with murderers and thieves first. then we can worry about doing a parents job that they couldn’t do in the first place!

  15. My comment is to Jimmy Johns, you need to get a life or do you have something to hide your self. Our children are in danger everyday be it on the internet or out in public. I think you need to stop and reevaluate your own life. I am very proud of these to women for having the guts to do what they did. If an any time that I would be able to help them I will be. We need more people like them in the world to step up to the plate and help keep our children safe. I don’t think that most parents including myself keep a very close eye on our children’s internet activity like we should. I for one will be checking on a more regular basis from now on. Koodo to you two. Proud of you!!!!!

  16. Good going! We don’t need some 42 year old limp dick fucking our 14 year-old daughters! No, what we need are 15 year olds fucking our daughters, getting them knocked up, and then daddy takes a baseball bat to their sorry ass and daddy has to go away to jail for a few years. Yeah, the 42 yr old guy is fucked up, but so are the rest of you. The Public School System in American is destroying society! Homeschool NOW!

  17. All of you have no lives to live. Haters. sit on the computer and GOSSIP about Bull. You smoke week, sell weed and rob, hate mame, lie cheat people, some people on this page have this type of crime on them too and they still walk the walk and talk the talk in undercover. beast-fags you are all on this page nerds!!!!

  18. you guy a grate for what you do i have three girls and i am glad to know that these pervs can be stoped but like you say you always have to be looking over ther sholders if you wount to know what is going on once agen good work

  19. Well That is absolutely amazing what you’ve been able to do ! Bravo !
    I have seen a site, that looks like they are torturing young girls around 9 or 10 years old. How do I denounce the site ? Could you help me with that please ?
    Thank you for being a protector for child abuse !…

  20. I actually stumbled upon this site from and decided to stay for a while, reading some of the posts. I just have one question (sub-divided) and it is directed to no one individual in particular, as there are a great many of you who fall into the category to which my question would refer: are you people native to this country? Do you/can you speak and write coherently in English? Do you have any idea how miserably fucking dumb you appear to be to someone like me who just happens to stumble upon this site and reads your rambling, incoherent drivel? Read (just as an example–there are others that are far worse) the 2 posts just before mine–did these people never learn anything about capitalization, punctuation, grammar or spelling? Is this just a sign of the times, or am I just missing out on the race to stupidity?

  21. Happy 4th of july. B careful pedos will b out on the prowl. Feel free to find one and stick an m80 up their ass. Just keep a close eye on your kids .. the noise is perfect cover for these sick fucks.

  22. ps. do u realize no one gives a shit Scribner. If u cant understand the point being made and decipher the new age of lingo,,..” then then dwell on your sleepless nights wondering if everyone is putting periods at the end of their run on sentences;’;;;”;&

  23. I was wondering if there is a site where you can post face’s of this
    monsters.thouse who have actuelly had or are still having sex with children.I live in holland and what i see is that there is allot of childporn on p2p’s,girls that are brutale abused and the moster is claerly seen on camera.russia europe amerika.
    can’t some one make sutch a site.there are allot of people that whant to help butt the distence makes it difficult.with this site you might allert a familymember.or theacher anybody in the neberhood of the victem.see it as a bilboord with al of the monster in the world,thank you for your time.sorry my english isn’t so good,hope you get the picture.
    p.s don’t go to the police they don’t do shit about it.
    roundup a couple of your friends buy the biggest dildo you can find and sizors and go pay hem a visit.

  24. Great job. But, since the police are doing ZERO.. send the info to dateline (nbc) the man there who does the series on internet predators. I can’t remember his name, but I think his first name begins with a C… go to and to the show dateline, you’ll find him. Get his contact info and send him yours. I’m sure his producers will be in touch with you. Good work.

  25. These people, even if they do not kill, destroy lives. As a hristian I hate saying that their own suicide would save so many childrens lives. As a foster parent of children who were sexually abused and ended up in foster care, I can tell you that these children are never the same. Hang them all by their testicles. The Bible says that if anyone hurts a child, that it would be better if a stone was tied arounf their neck and they be thrown into the sea. God is not always merciful.

  26. This is a guy in Michigan that has molested 2 12 year olds and is still going after a 15 year old, police wont do jack about the 15 year old (YET)… Gotta catch them doing it they say,,, JOHN PATTON, 403 W EVERRETTT, HOMER, MI 49245. DOB 4-24-1982 his convictions are out of Calhoun County Case Numbers 04-4190 and 05-4540…. This scum bag needs fixing, My Group plans to post all the info we can, EXPOSE this predator to all…

  27. When I came home from the hospital after giving birth to my 3rd baby, my daughter (age 5) told me that her father had put his fingers in her ‘gina. When I confronted my husband, he admitted that he’s a child molester. He also told me that no one would ever believe me if I told them. He was right. When I told my sister, she said I had post-partum depression. Now, 29 yrs later, my daughter’s life is still a living hell. She keeps asking me why she’s different from everyone else. I asked her father to talk to her about molesting her but now he is denying it.

  28. [QUOTE]LoLo wrote:
    Albany (the chick “Alyssa” was stealing pics from and harassing to no end) made this salute a while back:

    Note from LoLo:
    The blog entries about all of that are coming soon.

  29. m here to expose 2 people, my parents. i seem not to be able to win in any thing and now im 32 years of age. im speaking out on behalf of oldsaybrook, ct. my step father was involved with the volunteer fire depmt. my mother in a home-daycare. us kids went through abuse and it needs to be known and i will expose her as well. Terrence lee spaulding molested and raped me, and now he is living the life in Virgina retired and had 3 other girls who are now in collage from another marriage.. closed family closets. it has been silent for many years and i want justice for my part, i have lost my family and who i am, i seem not to be able to keep in touch with myself. i feel i need to expose my step father as a child rapist. i do believe since age 11 is when it started. i want to be face to face with him and my family with a lie detector and watch him squirm. my mother choose her business over her own daughter and sent me off to many schools from different states. my problem is, he got away with it and is living his high life while ive been living on the streets with no care and no family. no help. ive lost a lot in adult hood and i want this man fried in his own sins. my mother is abusive and lived a lie with her child daycare. us kids hid everything and we where targeted and problem children and bad kids. i need someone to talk to me, and i want terry lee spaulding in my face with lie wires attached to him. ive failed at trying to deal with this before the “time” was up. realizing it took money and my mental state of emotions and caring to much for my family, but its time to expose yet another child rapest. i dare not let this on go unnoticed. ive alerted the oldsaybrook police department, but theres only so much they can do, but most of them know him. im tired of being on the back burner and failing at everything with no help to see me though all this dark childhood past. i might sound selfish and many of you laugh at this but i tell you what, im not a liar and i want Terence lee spaulding exposed for who he is. i dont want to carry this any-longer, its not my sin.

  30. Seen a few of those on youtube, myspace, & aol ! I was like do you even know this is wrong? They bashed me & other users. Some people are mentally ill & so bad off they should be locled up & not on a computer. 3 worse sites I think. So I reported each user I could to the net services & law enforcement. I seen a 17 year old girl on it and she was standing up for these sick o’s on a site called myspaces most wanted. It was pulled because of so much violence on the page & 3 to 4 predators was roaming around on it. Scary Stuff ! I don’t think this crap is a joke or funny. It’s just disgusting. I tryed explaing to her do you understand that you are standing up for people who do wrong? She bashed everyone . In her mind this stuff was alright. Some people out there are sick. There is no excuse for this type of stuff. I knew people who had a bad childhood & Stuff happend & They never layed a finger on one person. So I think some people out there like this guy is just pure evil & sick. God forbid………… These people don’t need kids ever !!!!!!!! If you are one yourself or even stand up for them it’s pretty much kinda the same thing ! It’s uncalled for & No need for it. Some people in this world are very disturbing.

  31. locked * Sorry for type o * Anything you see like this please report it a.s.a.p. It can save a few people & children out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won’t stop till we stand & Put a stop to this madness.

  32. The reason these people deny & get scared on t.v. is because they are the most hated in prisons & little cowards & On the outside and killers is #2 on the list #3 drugies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Online they are so dumb & still scared . They think they’ll never be caught. And they can do what they want online. It’s the world they live. Which is not the real one like most of us live in. Most of these people can’t tell reality or anything. They get stuff set in that mind. It’s like a little button once it sets off they don’t stop till something is done. When these gulity little cowards get out they go & do it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no cures. I bet I can find one. It’s called not having any areas down there……. Maybe they’ll think twice ! Meds & Talking seems not too help too much !!!!!!!!! Just makes things worse ! Some of you scumb bags give me a fu**ing break ! No one believes the crying & excuse crap anymore. The lying …. I don’t buy…….. It’s very easy too know & Tell when these people lie. They are not even good at it etc. I.. I… I’m uhhhh… It’s like Yeah… Okay whatever ! If you are one & stand for these creeps. Same thing you are just as guilty.

  33. It is sad that people are sick enough to do this. I am a 14 year old male, and have heard numerous things like this happen over myspace. I do have an account over there, but I don’t use it. Myspace is practically dead, anyway. PARENTS: DON’T LET YOUR KIDS ON MYSPACE! If anything, use Facebook. It is obviously not 100% safe, but it is better than myspace.

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